What it is: wedding coordinator will be supporting you on the wedding day, so that you, your family and friends won´t need to be busy with controlling all the suppliers and functions but will have fun and fully enjoy the celebration.

Coordination starts 1 month to 2 weeks prior to the wedding day, and you simply transfer all the information on the planned wedding to me, your coordinator, and I overtake controlling functions. 

  • unlimited hours of consulting on coordination matters 
  • creating of the wedding day time plan
  • getting in contact and discussing the wedding day details with all the wedding suppliers involved
  • controlling all the wedding suppliers and functions during the wedding day(s)
  • assisting you and your guests during the wedding functions (seating plan, presents etc.)
  • minimum 12 hours of coordination on the wedding day

Price: CHF 1500, plus transport and accommodation fees in case of the wedding taking place out of Canton of Zürich